Regina Lund har när hon är i Sverige kanaliseringsessioner hos oss där hon ger readings och healing, tider och priser hittar du här:

Regina Lund is apart from being a successful swedish actress , recording artist, exhibited painter, comedian, poet, songwriter and singer also a highly acclaimed and unique psychic.

She is clairvoyant, clairaudient , clairsentient and a channeller, intuitive healer , tarot reader , transmedium and a forceful and very sharpminded consultant with a very open and empathetic heart and lots of warmth and humor.

A sharp intellect and a warm heart.
In her sessions all her gifts are included and more.
You will get channelled information , healing , tarot Reading and answer to your questions.

Her sessions are unique lightwork with humor and intelligence.
One session is never exactly the same as the other.
You may ask any and as many questions you like .
Your need is in focus.

It is who you are and where you are in life that decides what she will give you during the session.
Regina is a great giver of light , clarity, healing, peace , sollutions, guidance and strenght and you will recieve all that and more during her sessions .
The Reading will be Unique because you are.
Sessions are available now in both english and swedish.